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Together we are launching Northeast Ohio's first TV show dedicated to wellness, with a focus on women.

Why women?

Women are often the decision makers for the health of the family, including husbands, children, elderly parents, and often siblings.

Women over 35 years old are more educated and have more disposable income than ever before in history.

Women are receptive to new ideas regarding wellness and ways to achieve and maintain a healthy balanced life.

Are women over 35 years old an audience you would like to reach?

Starting production in June 2017, these women will gather for 30 minutes each week to hear your message, and the Summit Productions will make sure that message is loud and clear, and interesting.

Summit Productions is in development of WEEKLY PULSE, a TV series airing on WKYC TV 3. It will begin airing in July 2017 on Saturday evenings at 7pm. Companies interested in sponsoring a segment or the full series can request the official sponsor deck by contacting Elaine Sever at for more information. 

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